Riken Keiki

Riken Keiki

Riken Keiki is a popular manufacturer of gas detection products. Riken Keiki has become a popular choice for many vessels in the UK because of the fact that the manufacturer itself continues to refine the technologies and technical capabilities of the products that they provide.

All Riken Keiki products are designed and manufactured to respond to diverse requirements and applications. These gas detectors are very precise and therefore reliable, so you and other vessels can rely on them to detect and prevent disasters.

Here at DS Marine Group we are proud to supply Riken Keiki gas detectors to our customers.

GX-2009 four gas personal monitor

Our Riken Keiki GX-2009 gas detectors offer a simultaneous and real-time detection of 4 gases – LEL, O2, H2S and CO. They have loud alarm buzzer  and 3 bright LED alarm windows.  and they are water and dust resistant

This model is also water and dust resistant.

GX-800 portable multi gas monitor

This gas monitor by Riken Keiki offers a real-time detection of a maximum of 5 ranges – combustibles, 100vol%/100% LEL, O2, H2S and CO.

There is a large simultaneous display with auto back lighting and strong sample drawing capability not to mention the loud alarm buzzer with 95dB and 3 bright LED alarm windows.

Our Service

Here at DS Marine Group we can offer you technical advice to ensure that the most suitable gas detector is supplied for your vessels crew. It is our aim to ensure that the personal gas detector you choose is fit for purpose.

We charge competitive prices for Riken Keiki gas detectors and we would be more than happy to discuss them with you if you are interested in purchasing from us.

We are proud to offer a fast delivery service, with there being a same day dispatch of gas detectors to your vessel.

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