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Gas detection equipment is essential because it avoids exposing the crew and vessel to dangerous situations, this includes explosions. Fatalities can happen as a result of not having the correct equipment or due to that equipment not working correctly.

The introduction of gas detection equipment and the tightening of marine safety regulations has seen the number of gas-related accidents decrease significantly. In the marine industry, there are a lot of tragedies that are caused by asphyxiation as they are poisioned after exposure to a number of gasses.

We have been in the marine industry for many years now and have seen first hand the mistakes that people in Barrow and all over the world have made.  We supply gas detection equipment that will prevent you from making these mistakes.

Over the last fifty years the technology used for gas detection equipment has become much more advanced. As an independent gas detection supplier, we aren’t bound by the restrictions of any one manufacturer, instead, we give honest, expert advice to guide you and other vessels in Barrow to the correct instrument whilst giving necessary worldwide support.

We have portable gas detection equipment available that can be clipped on to your crew member. Our portable gas detection equipment has audible and visual alarms that will activate when harmful gasses are detected, giving your crew member time to leave the area where the hazardous gasses are being detected.

We can dispatch a new, fully calibrated and certified gas detector the same day for next day delivery to your vessel in Barrow. These gas detectors come in a wide range of colours, sizes and types, with us having both single gas and multi-gas detectors available.

We hold a variety of portable gas detector spares in the event that you need them. These spares include:

  • Replacement sensors
  • Filters
  • Sample hose and probe
  • Carry cases
  • Calibration stations

Contact us for more information about our gas detection equipment.



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